Blog #4

In the point of the book I’m in Polly, Tibit, And Amari are all in a horse carriage and are in the dark on there way to Fort Mose and they sudnily run into a spanish soldier and they stop and he asks them questions. Then he gives them the way to Fort Mose because he believes that freedom is the right thing. And him saying that makes them happy cause thats what they wanna know.

Blog #3

Dear Mrs. Know it All right now Amari, Polly, and Tibit are on the run too Fort Mose, Florida and they meet a boy and they trust him. But he offers them too stay the night with a dad that docent like african americans and the have too hide them in the barn. Now in the morning there awakened by the angry dad and are trying too make up excuses. And the son is trying too tell them too run too the swamp and hide there for a couple days so the don’t get caught cause there run aways. Should they trust him and go too the swamp?

partner novel blog #2

In the point of the book I’m at currently I don’t think I have any connections… I think Amari will escape and be free. Along with her other friends. I think Amari is making the right decisions. I also think that Amari in the long run will see her what was soon to be husband and they will get married. And in the next chapter i hope they dont use tibit as gater bait. And dose not get eaten. And i hope the masats son gets in trouble. I hope that mastas wife stays alive when she gives birth to the baby.